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  • سنگ تراورتن آتشکوه

Atashkooh travertine stone

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Atashkooh travertine stone

White travertines are among the most popular stones in Iran and the world. Atashkooh travertine stone has regular breakers and various designs, and these cases have made it one of the most popular travertine stones in Iran.

سنگ تراورتن آتشکوه


In general, Atashkooh travertine has a very light color to cream and chocolate. The whiter and lighter stone, the more expensive it is. The origin of this stone is the central mountain range of Zagros, i.e. Atashkooh. For this reason, the travertine stones that are extracted from this area are called Atashkooh travertine.



Physical properties

At first glance, you may confuse Atashkooh travertine with marble. But the cream to red streaks inside the stone gives it a unique look. Atashkooh travertine stone has several different types. The lighter background color is stronger stone.

سنگ تراورتن آتشکوه2


Beige to cream colors are thin in terms of thickness and are among the cheap stones in the ratings. Inside the beige and cream travertines, beautiful pink and brown streaks can be seen, each of which has created unique shapes.



How to process Atashkooh travertine stone

Atashkooh travertine stones are used in different cases. Therefore, they are processed in 3 different ways.



سنگ تراورتن آتشکوه3

  • Wavy processing
  • Wave less processing
  • Processing in slabs or 40 lengths

The important point is that the wavy type is used more in modern facades and the non-wavy type is used more in traditional or Roman facades.



Features of Atashkooh travertine stone

The characteristics of travertine include the following.

  • Has a surface with low porosity
  • High resistance to temperature changes
  • resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Has relatively good insulation against sound and heat
  • High strength against crushing

Atashkooh travertine is a stone that can be found only in Iran. Low porosity, high ductility, and light color make it one of the most expensive Iranian stones.


Uses of Atashkooh travertine stone

Atashkooh travertine stones have different degrees of hardness and quality. As mentioned earlier, the brighter stone, the more special and expensive it will be.

Due to its high price, Atashkooh travertine white stones are used only in interior cases. Items such as wall coverings, flooring, and use in the lobby of hotels and shopping malls are among the uses of light color of Atashkooh travertine stones.


سنگ تراورتن آتشکوه4

Before use, due to the small pores in the stone, the existing holes are filled with polishing and epoxy to increase the strength of the stone.

But dark mountain travertines are thinner with holes in the back and will be a great insulator for sound and heat.

Dark Atashkooh travertine travertine is cheaper and due to its good strength and resistance to cold, heat, and water, it is a good choice for exterior facades and places where there are moisture and heat.