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Kerman onyx

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Kerman onyx

Onyx is an old and very beautiful stone. This stone has been used in many structures for a long time. In Iran, Kerman onyx is one of the most famous natural stones that is used.

Kerman onyx is extracted from different mines of this city. The color of this stone varies depending on the impurities and other minerals it contains. Pure onyx is seen in pure white.

سنگ مرمر کرمان

Physical properties

Kerman onyx is one of the most beautiful natural stones that naturally has a smooth and polished surface. Kerman pure onyx is completely white and rarely very thin golden or red streaks can be seen in it.


Features of Kerman onyx

Kerman onyx due to its light color gives a relaxing appearance to the environment. It also transmits light. Onyx is easy to care for and resistant to impact and pressure. In general, onyx has the following characteristics.

سنگ مرمر کرمان2

  • Has a smooth surface with high sub-scalability
  • Diverse and attractive colors
  • High resistance to temperature changes
  • Water-resistant
  • Resistant to scratches and abrasion
  • High durability against heat

Uses of Kerman onyx

Onyx has long been popular with the world. It has been used in many cases.

This stone is a very good choice for luxury and special buildings due to its characteristics as well as the white color of one hand. This stone is used in the following cases.

موارد استفاده از سنگ مرمر کرمان

  • Use in the exterior of buildings
  • Used in the construction of stairs
  • Decorating the walls of the building
  • Can be used in buildings such as hospitals and laboratories (due to resistance to water penetration)
  • Can be used to decorate columns and pedestals
  • Used for sculpting and making onyx vessels
  • Can be used to build counters and kitchen cabinets
  • Used in health services