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Marble (crystal) Stone

Natural stones have been one of the building attractions since their discovery. Marble and its sub-branches have always been among the most popular. In this article, we will introduce you to a type of marble called Marble stone. In the following, we will describe its applications and uses.

Marble stone and how it is formed

Marble stone is limestone rocks that have reMarblelized due to internal factors such as high pressure and heat. Therefore, they are considered metamorphic rocks, have coarse-forming Marbles, and their main mineral is calcite.

Calcite is not the only constituent of Marble and some of them also contain quartz. The higher the amount of quartz in this stone, the more it is added to its hardness.

If the Marble stone is completely pure, it is whiter in nature and its gray color is more due to the presence of carbonaceous materials

سنپ چینی

Features of Marble stone

– Marble stone is among the granite and travertine stones in terms of strength and attractiveness.

– The smooth and polished appearance of this stone makes it very similar to marble. This is why they are also used in the construction of facades and floors.

– Has very low water absorption

– Resistant to pressure

– It has high sub-susceptibility

– Marble stone is resistant to surface and deep weathering

– Its specific weight is 2.7 tons per cubic meter

-Low porosity of about 3 /. It has up to 1/2

Why use Marble stone?

Marble stone has an acceptable level in terms of quality and efficiency. It is also important to consider that the price of this stone is very reasonable. The combination of white or gray color with Marble stone makes it very suitable for exterior as well as paving sidewalks.

The polished and glossy surface of the stone gives it a state like expensive marbles and can be used for flooring. The relatively good strength of the stone also makes it very suitable for environments that are always dealing with moisture.

Marble stone adheres well to the grout and is easy to work with. Also, the stone itself has wavy designs and drawings. These breakwaters themselves give a beautiful appearance to the environment.

Types of Marble stones

There is Marble or Marble stones in different cities of Iran. The variety of areas where this stone mine is located is great. But a few examples of them have high strength and attractive color, and this has made this stone more popular to use than before.

  • Qorveh Marble stone
  • Azna Marble stone
  • Aligudarz Marble stone
  • Neyriz Marble stone
  • Sirjan Marble stone
  • Marbleize flower stone
  • Herat Marble stone
  • Panda Marble stone


سنگ چینی ازنا

Azna Marble

White is very popular because it makes the environment look bigger in decoration. Azna Marble has a milky and matte background with wide white lines inside.

This stone is used to make flooring for environments such as toilets, as well as the floors of laboratories and offices.

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سنگ چینی قروه

Qorveh Marble

One of the most beautiful Marble stones that can be found in Iran is Qorveh Cristal. The white background color and black streaks inside give this stone an attractive appearance. Its gloss and one-handed surface also make it very suitable for use in

luxury interiors and high-rise residential buildings.

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سنگ چینی Arabescato

Arabescato Marble

Arabescato is one of the most ancient Marble stones and traces of its use can be seen in Italian structures.

In terms of quality, this stone is one of the strongest stones. The stone naturally has irregular lines and gray streaks that have multiplied its beauty.

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سنگ چینی سیرجان

Sirjan Marble 

Sirjan Marble stone is very different from similar stones. The background color of Sirjan stone is white and gold. Some examples of this earth-colored stone They have a golden and white nine, which is artistically decorated with golden lines.

Sirjan Marble stone is very durable and has the property of light transmission. This stone is mostly used in kitchen counters and environments that need a stylish and special color and use the light transmission property to give a dramatic beauty to space, such as lobbies and elevators.

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سنگ چینی کلکته

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta Marble stone has a white background color with gray streaks and is in the category of white marbles. This stone has a very high resistance. Italian resin is used to polish this stone.

Due to the high resistance of this stone against moisture and scratches, it is used in environments such as kitchens, toilets, and hotel lobbies.

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سنگ چینی بیانکو bianco

Bianco Marble

Bianco Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones in the world. This Italian stone is used only in luxury places. The matte appearance and milky white color with gray streaks and spots are very stylish and special.

This stone is first class in terms of quality and due to its high price, it is used only in parts of the building that have a decorative aspect.

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سنگ چینی نیریز

  Neyriz Marble

Some people like their environment to have a variety of colors. White and black are seen together a lot and create a lot of variety. Neyriz Marble stone has a white background color with narrow streaks of black color.

Due to its attractive structure, this stone is mostly used in the construction of dishwasher sinks, kitchen counters, and bathrooms, and its book match and formch designs are used on walls and floors.

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سنگ چینی الیگودرز

Aligudarz Marble

Aligudarz Marble stone has a smooth and polished surface and is usually cut into slabs. It has very beautiful bookcases and forms. And these beautiful Chinese designs of Aligudarz make it suitable for luxurious halls and halls.

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Applications of Marble stone

Marble stone is durable and beautiful and can be used for environments that are directly exposed to sunlight, wind, and rain.

In general, this type of stone is used for many applications. For example, in outdoor spaces such as ponds and areas such as swimming pools as a floor or even in the walls can be used because it is resistant to water penetration.

This stone is also used in the exterior of simple residential and office buildings. Marble stone is cheap and its uniform color and design give a tidy and stylish look to the environment. Resistance to water, light, heat, and air pressure makes this stone very suitable for display.

This stone is sometimes used to pave part of the interior of public places such as bathrooms and toilets. This stone is used in parts such as park drinking fountains and even paving some parts of home gardens due to its good capabilities.

The color and polish of the stone gives the house a bright color, and using it in small spaces helps to make the environment look bigger.

In some cases, this stone with more quartz compounds, which is very durable, is used to make a sink or kitchen counter.