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  • ویژگی ها سنگ چینی Calacatta

Calacatta marble stone

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Calacatta marble stone

Calacatt is a marble stone that originated in the heart of Italy. This stone is white with gray and gold lines that have decorated the houses for centuries.

This special stone, also called Italian marble, is very rare and is used only in special cases.


Physical properties

Maybe you confuse Calacatta porcelain with marble. But with a little care, you will notice that this porcelain stone has more delicate and stylish lines than marble. Although the main background of this stone is white, but some cases of gray and gold can be seen in it more.

The whiter the Calcutta stone, the more popular it is and the higher its price. After the first time Michelangelo used this stone, more people used this stone.


Features Calacatta porcelain stone

When it comes to beauty and elegance, Calcutta porcelain comes to the minds of its lovers. A stone that has a polished and smooth surface.

This stone has lines like lightning that give a special beauty to the environment. The light that passes through this rock is reflected in the environment and shows the space is bigger and more generous than it is.

In general, this stone is resistant to pressure and moisture and can be used for interior parts of the building.

Although this stone is not sensitive to temperature changes, due to its high cost and difficult extraction from the mine, it is used only in the interior of luxury buildings and is less used in decorating the exterior.


How to process Calacatta marble stone

Calcutta porcelain is very rare and its extraction is affected by climatic conditions. It’s mine is at the top of the mountain and is difficult to cross in cold seasons. Therefore, it can be said that Calcutta stone is processed as a slab in hot seasons.

It is also divided into small parts and used according to customer needs.


Uses of Calacatta marble stone

Calacatta marble stone also inspires its beauty to the environment. Its high cost has also led to its use in luxury and special environments.



سنگ چینی Calacatta

Finally, this stone is used in the following cases.

  • Interior flooring and paving
  • Use for kitchen countertops
  • Use in cabinets
  • Used as a dining table
  • For study desk
  • Decorate the pool
  • Make decorative sculptures