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  • تراورتن میمه

Meymeh onyx

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Meymeh onyx

One of the oldest natural stone mines in Iran is the Meymeh onyx mine. This rare and precious stone has a dazzling charm. Its features and capabilities are similar to other onyxes. But the red streaks in the cream background of this stone have given it a magical and mesmerizing appearance.

The mine is located in the Takht-e-Sorkh Moteh area in the city of Meymeh. Meymeh onyx is very rare and is mostly used in jewelry making.


سنگ مرمر میمه



Physical properties

Although all-natural stones are attractive and beautiful, Meymeh onyx is a very special stone with an attractive icon that has made it one of the most expensive stones.

The background of the stone is white to cream, but what the two background colors have in common is the red streaks and halos that flow like waves inside the stone. Due to the beauty of this stone, it is also called the Meymeh pearl.