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  • سنگ مرمریت لاشتر
  • سنگ مرمریت لاشتر
  • سنگ مرمریت لاشتر
  • سنگ مرمریت لاشتر

Lashtar marble stone

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Lashtar marble stone

Marble is one of the most widely used and popular stones in Iran. This stone has different models. Lashtar marble is a stone with an attractive appearance and extraordinary performance. Lashtar stone is one of the best-selling natural stones in the world, which has Iranian origins. The stone is also exported to other countries such as Turkey, Italy, and China.

This stone is extracted from mines that are located 35 km from Isfahan in the Lashtar region. The reason for naming this stone is also the place of its extraction.


Physical Properties

Marble stones generally have a stylish and luxurious appearance. Lashtar marble is one of the stones that is mostly used in luxury buildings due to its beautiful appearance.

The stone has a smooth and polished surface and no abrasions or pores can be seen inside.

In appearance, this stone has black background and lines with white streaks. In some cases, due to the presence of some impurities, a slight brown background color is also seen in it.

White streaks are placed inside the black background in no particular order. This gives the stone a special appearance. The white color will show itself and will give a special effect to the stone.


How to process Lashtar marble

Marble stones are processed for various uses. Lashtar marble is processed for different uses in the following ways:

  • Lashtar chafe and Hond stones
  • Sandstone blade or bush hammer
  • Lumber bush hammer leather
  • Ax blade stone (manual and machine)
  • Tumblr stone
  • Windbreaker and guillotine
  • Cubic stone

In general, black lacquer marble is used as a tumbler, sandblast, or ax.


Peculiarity of Lashtar marble

Each natural stone has properties that make it suitable for different environments. For example, Lashtar marble is widely used in luxury spaces due to its black color and special white streaks. Peculiarity of Lashtar marbles

  • Has a smooth surface
  • It has high rubbing ability
  • Cuts well
  • It is very resistant to water penetration
  • Very resistant to climate change

Uses of Lashtar marble

Lashtar marble is very similar to marble due to its composition. Therefore, due to its smooth and polished appearance, it is used in indoor and outdoor spaces. But in general:



موارد استفاده سنگ مرمریت لاشتر


  • Lashtar and Hond marble are used as slabs and tiles for paving, interior walls, and stairs.
  • Bush Hammer, Bush Hammer leather, and tumbler marble is used for paving the yard and exterior.
  • Lashtar stone is used as an ax for the plinth, landscaping, and building facade.
  • Lashtar marble is used for wind and guillotine for the interior and exterior of the building.
  • Cubic Lashtar marble is used for paving streets and sidewalks