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Granite Stone

Granite is one of the natural stones that is widely used in construction. Resistant rock is the result of the cooling of molten materials. Granite is a stone that has many mines around the world, especially in Iran. The variety of colors and shapes of granite makes it suitable for all structures.


What is granite?

Granite is derived from the word granum meaning derivative. Granite is one of the igneous rocks which is mainly composed of quartz, feldspar, and some dark minerals. But in general, granite is a rock with specific grains and crystalline that has a grain-equal or unequal grain texture. Typically, the main composition of this rock is two types of feldspar (alkaline feldspar plus plagioclase sodium or two types of alkaline feldspar) and quartz. Granite has a variety of minerals such as mica, hornblende, or both, and rarely pyroxene.

سنگ گرانیت مشکی

Granite and how it is formed

Granite is the most abundant rock in the continental crust. At the surface, granite is the main rock of many mountain ranges in large areas known as batholiths. These types of rocks, which are located in the main regions of the continents, are called shields.

The large mineral crystals in the granite are evidence that the rock was slowly formed by the cooling of molten material. This slow cooling occurs underground and will be for a long time. Sedimentary rocks cover the granite rocks and over time, as the granite wears out, granite rocks appear

Properties of granite

Granite has many properties. These features make it very suitable for construction and use in different environments. Among its most important features are the following.


The next feature that is very special for a stone is its resistance to water penetration. Most of the stones used in construction react with water and become moldy. But granite is water-resistant and moisture will have almost no effect on it.

Has a sleek appearance.

Granite is one of the stones that naturally have glaze and luster. This feature gives it a sleek and luxurious look.

Heat resistant

Another feature that makes granite suitable for use in buildings, especially building facades, is heat resistance. This stone will not absorb sunlight. Therefore, the structures made of this stone do not retain heat and remain cool.

Resistant to corrosion and abrasion

Resistance to corrosion and abrasion makes this stone suitable for use in almost any place. Especially in parts of the building where traffic is heavy. The use of granite increases the life of the building and minimizes the amount of corrosion and wear.

Applications of granite

According to the properties stated for granite, it can be used for different parts of a building. This stone gives a special beauty to its environment due to its special appearance and shine. Also, the variety of shapes inside the stone and its colors are very popular and almost everyone with any taste likes it.

This stone is used in different parts, such as:

1: Construction of external and internal stairs of the building

2: Parking floor covering

3: The floor of the building and inside office and residential environments

4: Use for cabinets and counters

5: Used to make a sink

6: Construction of urban landscaping

7: Table drawing

8: Used to build sidewalks

9: Used to make decorative works

10: Use for walls

11: Use on the floor of buildings that deal with chemicals

کاربرد‌های سنگ گرانیت

Different types of granite

The variety of colors in granite is high. Each region of Iran has different types. But the most famous granite stones get their name from the city or region from which they are extracted. Among the most important granites in Iran, the following can be mentioned:

  • Mashhad Turquoise Granite
  • Forest green granite
  • Zanjan Peach Granite
  • Natanz white granite
  • Nehbandan granite
  • Yazd red granite
  • Birjand lettuce granite
  • Tuyserkan black granite
سنگ گرانیت نهبندان

Nehbandan granite

Nehbandan granite has a gray and orange color theme with fine black and gray grains. Due to the porosity (large and coarse granulation) of this stone, it is first polished and then used. This granite, like other types, does not retain heat and is very resistant to the penetration of water and chemicals.

گرانیت مشکی تویسرکان

Tuyserkan black granite

Black is a special color and at the same time, it is very luxurious. Tuyserkan black granite is one of the best and most popular types of granite. The black color of a tiny silver dot that is visible only in the light makes it very luxurious and attractive. This granite is used only in some special buildings and the interior or floor of the building.

سنگ گرانیت سفید نطنز

Natanz white granite

This granite is in the group of white stones in terms of background color, and on its surface, fine black and gray grains and uniformity can be seen in it. This type of granite is called peppermint or cotton flower.

This beautiful stone has good sanding capacity and has high strength. It is also resistant to environmental damage.

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سنگ گرانیت قرمز اردستان

Ardestan red granite

Ardestan red granite is very popular due to its special color and radiance. Its smooth surface gives a special splendor and effect to the places where it is used. This kind of expensive T is used to decorate the interior or exterior. This type of granite is also very resistant to climate change and impact and pressure.

گرانیت سبز کاهویی بیرجند

Birjand lettuce green granite

Birjand Green Granite is one of the most special and unique stones that is used in luxury projects and buildings. This stone is one of the granites that has high abrasion and has good resistance against scratches and scratches. The soothing color and golden streaks inside this stone make it very special.

Due to its high strength, very low water absorption, low porosity, and fast cleaning ability this type of granite, this type of granite is used in busy places such as hotel lobbies, subway stations, and stairs.

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How to maintain granite

Granite is a very durable stone that does not break easily. This stone is very resistant to abrasion, scratches, chemicals, and corrosive substances. Therefore, there is nothing special about its maintenance.

You can easily clean this stone and you can use detergents and cleaners to clean it. But you can clean the stone with a soft cloth and lukewarm water to extend its life.