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Birjand granite stone

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Birjand granite stone

Granite is a stone with stunning beauty and attractive features. There are mines of this stone in different cities. Birjand granite is one of the most famous types of granite in Iran.


At first glance, the soothing and royal green color of Birjand granite will surround you. The green background color and streaks and halos of lemon yellow and gold in this stone, has made it one of the most unique stones in Iran.


Physical properties

Birjand granite is also known as forest or lettuce granite due to its special green color.

In appearance, this stone has two colors, dark green, and light. Inside the dark green are streaks of golden color and shades of bright green. It is called the dark type of forest granite.

Birjand lettuce granite has a pale green background color with white and bright green streaks. Although Birjand granite has not been graded in terms of sorts, strong sorts are dark, and the weaker the rock, the lighter its color will be.


Properties of Birjand granite

Granite is a strong and very durable stone. Birjand granite, in addition to its beauty and special design, has features that are often common among the family of granite stones. These features include the following:

  • Very high density
  • Super sub-scalability
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Very little water absorption
  • Special and unique colors and designs


Uses of Birjand granite

Birjand granite is a very strong stone with high density. This stone is also very resistant to pressure, water, scratches, and abrasion. Due to its features, it can be used in various offices, residential, hotels, companies, places of pilgrimage (due to its soothing green color), etc.

Birjand forest or court granite is also used in the following cases:

  • Paving the interior of the building
  • Paving the exterior of the building
  • Paving the yard and sidewalks
  • Paving industrial, health, and foodsheds
  • Exterior and main view
  • Stair body and stair tread
  • Making a stone bath
  • For use in health services