About Us

Parineh Stone Pasargad Company started its activities in the field of selling all kinds of decorative and construction stones in the late 80’s and took a small step to develop the country by providing stones for hotels, commercial centers and large buildings. Indirectly in the building stone industry and gaining experience in this field was able to create a strong background to advance the company’s goals.

Today, thanks to God, experience gained and the creation of appropriate infrastructure, this company is ready to cooperate with all mass builders. Some of the individuals and companies that we are proud to work with are: Qasr International Hotels Group in particular, Golden Palace International Hotel Company, Investment Group, Pars Hotels, Pars Hotel Ahvaz, Pars Hotel Mashhad, Hotel Pars Kerman, Babataher Hotels Group, Central Bank and many prominent manufacturers in Iran.

One of the main goals of Paleolithic in the coming years is to enter global markets and a stronger and more cohesive presence in the building stone industry.
At Paleolithic, we pay special attention to customer needs and customer satisfaction and satisfaction is very important to us. The stones sent by our specialized team are inspected at the source and at the time of loading, and we do our best to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

درباره پارینه سنگ