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  • موارد استفاده سنگ تراورتن تکاب

Tekab travertine stone

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Tekab travertine stone

Facade construction is an important part of the project. The use of stones that are beautiful, durable, and durable are the best choice for building facades. Tekab travertine is one of the best options for this.

The wide color range of Tekab travertine makes it suitable for any space. Also, the reasonable price is very economical compared to stones such as granite and marble.


Physical properties

Tekab travertine is very similar in appearance to Darreh Bukhari travertine. But it is cheaper and more economical. The color range of this stone is from cream to beige and its wide color spectrum makes it suitable for various displays.

Tekab travertine is easy to cut and has very low porosity. It can be polished using materials such as epoxy and used in paving and flooring.

This hardstone, like other travertines in nature, is strong and well resistant to various climatic conditions.

Tekab travertine has different varieties and in its lower degrees, cream and brown colors can be seen with an aura of black and brown colors


How to process Tekab travertine stone

Tekab travertine processing is similar to other travertine stones. This stone is processed in two forms, wavy and non-wavy, and they are used in interior and exterior views, respectively. But in general, this stone can be used in wavy and without waves and in two types: worn and leather.

This stone is available in the market in the following forms.

  • Polished
  • Unpolished
  • Honed
  • Leather (Brushed)
  • Old (Antique)


Features of Tekab travertine stone

The capabilities that each natural stone show make it suitable for different uses. Among the features of Tekab travertine stone, the following can be mentioned.

  • Acceptable resistance to corrosion and heat
  • Has a hard and durable surface
  • Wide color ranges from white and cream to yellow, beige, and chocolate
  • Low porosity in high degrees
  • Good cutting ability
  • High polishing capability
  • Acceptable physical beauty
  • The price is right
  • Suitable for complete adhesion to cement


Uses of Tekab travertine stone

Like other travertine stones, Tekab travertine stone is used in the interior and exterior of the building due to its good features and capabilities. But the most important uses of this stone include the following.

  • Use for the exterior of the building
  • To cover classic components such as columns, column heads, explicit and …
  • Use for the interior surface
  • Paving and preparing a stone table
  • Stairs
  • Wallcovering
  • Use in the yard floor