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  • سنگ چینی سیرجان
  • سنگ چینی سیرجان
  • سنگ چینی سیرجان
  • سنگ چینی سیرجان

Sirjan marble stone

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Sirjan marble stone

Porcelain or crystal stones are among the most widely used and beautiful stones to decorate the facades of houses. Sirjan marble stone or Ghadmagah porcelain stone is one of the popular crystal stones.

The wide range of colors and special appearance of this stone has attracted many fans. This beautiful stone, which also transmits light, is a good choice for indoor and warm spaces.


Physical properties

Sirjan marble stone is one of the top Iranian stones both in terms of quality and beauty. The background color of this stone varies from white to cream and beige. But what they all have in common is the beautiful golden lines that give the stone a warm and special look.

There is another type of Sirjan porcelain stone which is black in color. The glossy black color of this stone is decorated with irregular white lines.


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How to process Sirjan marble stone

Sirjan marble stone is mostly processed in the form of slabs and is cut according to the customer’s needs.

The most popular designs are the Bukmach and FourMatch designs with which the stone is processed.


Features of Sirjan marble stone

It is safe to say that Sirjan marble stone is one of the most beautiful stones that can be used to decorate buildings both inside and outside.

In addition to beauty and charm, this crystal stone also has remarkable features, such as:

  • Has a variety of colors
  • Cut into slabs
  • Light transmittance
  • Low water absorption
  • High sub salability
  • Glossy and transparent
  • Has a crystalline surface


Uses of Sirjan porcelain stone

Because Sirjan porcelain stone is one of the quality stones, so it can be used in most parts of the building.

Among the uses of this stone are the following:

  • Use in hotels
  • Use in the lobby
  • Can be used in elevators
  • Suitable for kitchen paving
  • Stairs
  • Interior walls of the building

The important thing about this stone is that due to the sensitivity of the stone to temperature changes and sensitivity to cold air, it should not be used in cold and humid areas.


Factors affecting the price of Sirjan marble stone

The price of this stone depends on several factors, including the following:

  • Based on stone color and design
  • Based on processed slab size
  • Based on rock thickness
  • Based on whether the stone is book match or formch
  • Based on the quality of stone processing