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Neyriz marble stone

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Neyriz marble stone

Neyriz marble stone is one of the best stones for use in construction. This stone, which is also known as the Daneshvar stone, has different types and is sorted according to its color and lines.

The whiter the porcelain stone, and the fewer the veins inside, the better it is. The reason for naming this stone is its drilling area in Tang Hana area in Neyriz city located in Fars province.


Physical properties

In general, Neyriz marble stone or Neyriz crystal has small white background crystals with black or dark gray lines, the fewer the veins, the more it is welcomed and the better. The white color shows itself in this stone and gives it a special effect.

Dark streaks are placed inside the white background in no particular order. This feature gives the stone a special appearance, and because it has very little porosity, it has a smooth surface


Features of Neyriz marble stone

Each natural stone has properties that make it suitable for different environments. For example, Neyriz marble stone is very resistant to moisture, so it is used in places that are exposed to moisture and constant contact with water. Other features of this stone include the following.

  1. High resistance to water and moisture
  2. High compressive strength
  3. Abrasion resistance
  4. High density and strength
  5. Very low porosity
  6. High sub salability
  7. Reasonable price compared to domestic and foreign competitors
  8. Polished and glossy surface
  9. Low water absorption



سنگ چینی نیریز

How to process Neyriz marble stone

In the past, this stone was mostly processed in the form of longitudinal and carpet, but today it is mainly processed and supplied in the form of slabs or tiles, which is more common and more cost-effective in the form of slabs; Because it has less waste

Uses of Neyriz marble stone

Due to the capabilities and features of Neyriz porcelain stone, it can be used in various parts of the construction. Among the applications of this stone:

  • Paving the reception floor, rooms, kitchen, and lobby of the building entrance
  • Interior walls of the building
  • Margins and sides of the building
  • Staircase and under the stairs
  • Stair treads and walls
  • Margins and elevator frames
  • Use in kitchen cabinets and counters
  • Bathroom and master
  • Toilets
  • Counters of public centers