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  • چینی بیانکو
  • چینی بیانکو
  • چینی بیانکو

Bianco marble stone

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Bianco marble stone

Bianco marble stone is one of the highest qualities and unique stones in the world and is known worldwide as white marble. This stone is one of the most popular stones in the world. This stone is in the category of metamorphic rocks and its material is calcareous. The place of extraction and origin of this stone is Aligudarz city in Lorestan province.

The reason for naming this Bianco stone is the stone that very similar in appearance to the Italian Bianco stone, which is white and even equals this stone in terms of quality characteristics.



Physical properties

In general, Bianco marble stone has a glacial white background with spider veins in black and gray. It has a very smooth, polished, and shiny surface.

سنگ چینی بیانکو

There are no yellow streaks in the appearance of this stone, which adds value to this stone in terms of quality. This stone is one of the unique stones due to its wonderful color and design.




How to process Bianco marble stone

Bianco marble stone is used on the floor and walls of buildings. But to use this stone, it must be processed after mining. This type of stone is processed in the following ways:

  • Slab contraction joints
  • Match slabs



Features of Bianco marble stone

  • Very high density
  • Excellent subs

Excellent polishing surface

  • Very good wear resistance
  • Very high resistance to pressure
  • Slight absorption and minimal water
  • Very reasonable price
  • Very special colors and designs




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Uses of Bianco marble stone

Due to the low absorption and minimal water in this stone, this stone is used in humid environments that are in constant contact with water.

  • Interior design and interior of buildings
  • Hall paving and reception
  • Lobby floor and wall and entrance hall
  • Counters and counters of public centers

Determinants of the price of Bianco Chinese stone

Bianco marble stone is used in the form of slabs and tiles because in this case it is much more economical and gives less waste. Among the parameters that determine the quality of Bianco marble stone are its health and the absence of fractures and the absence of yellow veins and its appropriate dimensions. But various factors affect the price of this stone. These factors include:

  • Quality of stone production
  • Rock grading
  • Healthy stone
  • Stone size and thickness