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  • سنگ چینی الیگودرز

Aligudarz marble stone

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Aligudarz marble stone

Aligudarz marble stone is one of the best Iranian crystal stones. The first-class stone is extracted directly from the mines of Aligudarz city. The white background and the gray, black, and brown lines inside the stone give it a unique look.

This stone is one of the quality stones that is exported to countries around Iran. This stone has strong colors, light colors, and light lines. It has more lines in weaker varieties.


Physical properties

Aligudarz marble stone has more color variety than other porcelain stones. The background color of this stone is divided into 3 types: white, gray, and cream.

Each of these colors has different lines and shapes. In white, which is very popular, the lines are very few and very faint. In gray, the gray and gray lines are decorated diagonally and cascading the stone. In the cream type, black and gray lines are placed next to each other irregularly.




How to process Aligudarz marble stone

Aligudarz marble is mined for various purposes. How the stone is processed also depends on its use. In general, this stone is processed in the form of slabs in two models: Bookmach and Four Match.

سنگ چینی الیگودرز

Features of Aligudarz marble stone

Aligudarz marble stone is one of the crystal stones that have acceptable properties. Compared to foreign samples, the stone is of better quality and more beautiful. Features of this stone include the following.

  • Very high density
  • Proper subs
  • High strength
  • Suitable abrasion resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Very low water absorption
  • Very reasonable price against foreign competitors
  • Ability to create hub book and frame hub frames
  • Unique colors and designs


Uses of Aligudarz porcelain stone

Aligudarz porcelain stone is very suitable for use in the interior of the building due to its characteristics. Aligudarz stone has a beautiful appearance and it can be used in the following cases to make the environment more beautiful.

  • Hall paving and reception
  • Kitchen paving
  • Lobby paving
  • Stairs
  • Interior wall stones
  • Sanitary paving
  • kitchen counters and cabinets

موارد استفاده سنگ چینی الیگودرز

The important point about the Aligudarz stone is that the stone is not resistant to many temperature changes and also has very low porosity and a smooth back surface, so it is not used much in the exterior.